Welcome to IP Works®!

                                            "So much more than IP Law!"

IP Works®  

See how IP Works® can put your business Intellectual Property assets to work!  

IP Works® is a specialist legal consultancy service, focused on enabling smart, creative businesses to significantly improve their business bottom-line and performance by recognising, understanding, managing, integrating and exploiting their most valuable business asset (their Intellectual Property & technology assets) better.

IP Works® & its clients recognise the simple yet essential truth that in today's increasingly competitive global village, their Intellectual Property & other Intangible Assets constitute the life-blood of their operations locally, nationally and globally.  

IP Works® offers Total Intellectual Property Solutions (TIPS!) for businesses of all types, at all stages of their business life-cycle, and particularly businesses in the sports, arts, music & entertainment, digital multi-media and other creative and innovative industry sectors.

IP Works® delivers all of its professional expertise, services & solutions using its proven & very popular Simply More Affordable Reliable Timely Efficient Results-driven SMARTER TM approach to service delivery

Put simply, SMARTER TM services deliver the expertise and capacity you need, in a practical, flexible and highly affordable manner which focuses on your business's interests, capacity to pay and related business expenditure & profitability parameters, rather than those which typically are the primary focus of other professional services providers.

IP Works® is about so much more than IP Law!  

IP Works® is about re-defining how real businesses, seeking practical, timely and effective answers, advice, support and solutions to their individual business intellectual property issues and outcomes, can glean and coordinate ALL of the necessary professional input they need through just one firm. 

With IP Works® you'll receive professional one-on-one genuine expertise from someone who will make it their business to fully understand: 

    • your business, its core business strategies and objectives
    • how its IP & technology assets impinge on those strategies and objectives
    • how IP Works® can help you to achieve a bespoke solution for you and your business, which will address and coordinate all of your business intellectual property needs.  

IP Works® offers the following individual and combined Intellectual Property & technology asset management and exploitation packages to enable your business not just survive but thrive in our competitive global village environment:

    • Consulting In-house Support Services
    • IP & technology asset & business process audits and reviews
    • IP & technology asset & process business risk analysis
    • IP & technology asset valuation & evaluation
    • IP & technology asset licensing & exploitation rights negotiation
    • IP & technology asset mediation and neutral negotiation of disputes


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